Senior Trial Group


Our Senior Trial Group Can Help You Manage Your Most Complex and Challenging Litigation

Managing high-stakes, precedent-setting litigation is a formidable undertaking in an era when juries commonly award verdicts in the millions of dollars, including punitive damages against corporations and corporate executives. Company leaders need to exercise sound judgment when determining whether legal cases should be tried to a jury or directed toward dispute resolution. In addition to the cost of litigation and potential high-dollar exposure, executives must consider integrity of brand and reputation, as well as issues related to overall economic security.

Knowledge and Experience Matter

Wilson Elser’s Senior Trial Group members are among the most skilled and experienced trial lawyers in the United States. During their lengthy careers these attorneys have litigated and tried a wide range of highly complex cases. Collectively, they have tried more than 500 cases to verdict in state and federal courts and administrative tribunals in virtually every region of the country.

Trial experience matters. When risk and exposure are at their highest, your trial lawyers must be seasoned and equal to the challenge, not only in litigation management but also in their reputation for trying cases to verdict and their ability to get positive results.

Our Senior Trial Group members are strategically located throughout the United States. They know the venues and the subject matter experts and they have the right experience to handle both local and national cases. Significantly, many of them have national coordinating counsel experience – a huge advantage to any company having to defend cases in multiple jurisdictions.

Members of the Senior Trial Group have earned the respect of judges, mediators and opposing counsel. These relationships, cultivated over many years, reinforce our effectiveness in helping clients resolve issues while advancing their business objectives.

Is It Best to Settle or Try the Case?

An organization must be well prepared in order to conclude legal disputes in the most advantageous way. A settlement can occur early in the process or late in the game and many times somewhere in between. However, it is always vitally important to be prepared to try the case and to engage an attorney who is respected in the legal world for having the ability to do so in single cases or in mass tort litigation.

A successful trial can serve to discourage further lawsuits, especially those of a frivolous nature. In mass tort cases, a bellwether trial might be required to value groups of claims for eventual settlement.

Trial attorneys with an established record of success in such situations should be selected to manage, resolve or try the related lawsuits. Wilson Elser’s Senior Trial Group has the experience, confidence, skill and judgment to tackle the most high-risk, high-exposure cases and develop winning strategies for resolution or trial.

Why Wilson Elser’s Senior Trial Group?

Professionals know the importance of excellence, perceived and de facto. That’s why Wilson Elser puts forth our greatest legal assets. The Senior Trial Group is among them.

The Senior Trial Group:

  • Places some of the most skilled senior trial lawyers in the United States today at your service
  • Can help with your organization’s most complex, high-exposure cases
  • Has the vast experience and know-how to help protect your company’s brand and reputation
  • Is able to manage litigation across multiple jurisdictions with continuity
  • Possesses a comprehensive understanding of courtroom strategies and their impact
  • Has familiarity and credibility with judges and others in various jurisdictions
  • Will not hesitate to take a case to verdict if the situation calls for it
  • When appropriate, provides oversight and guidance in collaboration with other Wilson Elser trial attorneys

Well Recognized, Highly Regarded in the Legal Community and Within Our Firm

Wilson Elser’s Senior Trial Group represents clients in most industries and litigation scenarios. By virtue of their broad and diverse experience, members of the Senior Trial Group are among the top leaders in our firm.

Wilson Elser’s Senior Trial Group has the experience, confidence, skill and judgment to tackle the most high-risk, high-exposure cases and help develop winning strategies for resolution or trial.

Members of the Senior Trial Group are Martindale-Hubbell AV rated and in constant demand as speakers and writers in their respective disciplines. Many are fellows of the American College of Trial Lawyers and are certified for civil litigation by state bar programs. All are recognized by prestigious organizations that require peer review and rigorous testing for trial experience.

In addition to client work, Senior Trial Group members often serve as a valuable resource to their colleagues at Wilson Elser. While most of our attorneys have litigation and courtroom experience, they seek out members of the Senior Trial Group for sage advice on significant and complex cases that may require more experienced analysis. Often, the group members share their trial acumen and skills with select groups of associates and of-counsel professionals.

Fueled by an increase in self-insured retentions, many companies are unknowingly assuming significant and greater levels of risk, including the risk inherent in the independent designation of litigators who are inexperienced to serve as trial counsel. In some instances, such poorly informed selections result in verdicts or settlements that can jeopardize a company’s financial well-being and reputation.