Genese K. Dopson Partner




Genese Dopson defends companies, particularly pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers, in matters such as personal injury, insurance bad faith, employment and discrimination. She successfully manages cases involving multi-plaintiff, multi-state litigation and has served as national coordinating counsel in pharmaceutical and medical device mass tort litigation. She is a former member of the editorial advisory board of MX Magazine, a publication that served the medical device industry.

Leveraging her first career as a registered nurse, Genese brought her drug and medical device practice to Wilson Elser in 2009. She leads the firm’s Pharmaceutical & Medical Device practice and coordinates efforts to field a nationwide team of creative, resolution-oriented attorneys in the drug and medical device arena. As one of twelve attorneys elevated to the firm’s Senior Trial Group, she possesses keen insight into case assessment and courtroom strategies.

Genese, who holds a second degree black belt in Enshin karate, is known for her ability to defend complex cases and handle tough opposing counsel when matters become heated. Notwithstanding her ability to confront and fight, Genese prides herself on providing her clients early case assessment and a solid work product directed toward the earliest possible dispute resolution.

Areas of Focus

Product Liability
Serving as national coordinating counsel, Genese has strategically and economically designed and coordinated defense strategies for brand and generic drug manufacturers as well as medical device manufacturers. She has achieved defense verdicts in all of her products liability trials. By way of example, she obtained a defense verdict for a cautery manufacturer in Garcia v. ConMed Corporation, where the manufacturer was sued by a boy who developed an airway fire during a tonsillectomy procedure. Genese also helped write a motion for summary judgment in the case of Gaeta v. Perrigo, where the court granted preemption to the generic drug manufacturer based on ANDA. She designed the defense strategy that resulted in an early settlement for the brand drug manufacturer in the coordinated quinine litigation, months in advance of resolution by any other drug manufacturer in the mass tort quinine litigation. Genese keeps current with the latest regulations and case law affecting the pharmaceutical and medical device industries. She regularly presents to industry organizations and contributes to relevant publications.

Employment & Discrimination
Genese has defended numerous employers and served as lead trial counsel in several wrongful termination jury trials where plaintiffs alleged discrimination due to gender, obesity, age and/or medical disability. She handles cases arising under Title VII, the Age Discrimination in Employment Act, the Americans with Disabilities Act, the Family and Medical Leave Act and the Employee Retirement Income Security Act. She obtained a defense verdict in Durand v. SSA Terminals, an age discrimination and medical disability suit where the employer terminated the employee allegedly after 42 years of employment one day after the employee returned to work from a medical disability.

Insurance / Bad Faith
Insurance bad faith actions carry the potential for substantial exposure and Genese is highly experienced in handling the defense of these claims. Over her years of practice, Genese has tried several insurance bad faith cases to verdict. After six weeks of trial in 2000, she obtained a defense verdict in Snowden v. Fire Insurance Exchange, an arson bad faith case where the jury was convinced it was more probable than not that the insured committed arson and denial of insurance benefits was reasonably justified.

Representative Matters

Cases Tried to Verdict

Kuhlmann v. Johnson & Johnson and Ethicon Endo-Surgery LLC, Alameda County Superior Court No. RG13675753: Medical Device Products Liability

Gull v. Garda Security, Inc., San Joaquin County Superior Court No. 39-2010-00234481-CU-PO-STK: Wrongful Death and Survival Action related to a bank robbery

Tommy Dye v. Asbestos Corporation Ltd.(October 2009); San Francisco Superior Court No. 274606: Asbestosis

Andrew Garcia v. ConMed Corporation et al (December 2008); Santa Clara County Superior Court No. 104 CV 023354: Medical Products Liability

Steven Durand v. SSA Terminals et al (November 2006); Alameda County Superior Court No. RGO4141330: Wrongful Term./Age/Disability

Kwi Butler v. Aaron Medical Industries aka Bovie Medical Corp. (November 2004); U.S.D.C., Northern District, Case No. C 03-00896: Medical Products Liability

David Snowden v. Fire Insurance Exchange (April 2000); Sonoma County Superior Court No. 213578: Insurance Bad Faith/Arson

Daniel Impey v. Kevin Wesley, PeopleSoft, Inc. & Avis Rent-A-Car (January 2000); Alameda County Superior Court No. V-015749-2: Personal Injury/Auto

Carol Picchi v. Ricon Corporation (July 1997); Santa Clara County Superior Court No. CV743035: Medical Products Liability

John Rossi v. Northern Automotive Corp. (September 1995); Alameda County Superior Court No. 702424-1: Wrongful Term./Disability

Kimberly Patterson v. Kragen Auto Parts (February 1994); Sacramento County Superior Court No. 529107: Sexual Harassment

Johnson v. Transamerica Ins. Co. (October 1993); San Francisco County Superior Court No. 938063: Insurance Bad Faith

Neilsen v. Safeway Stores, Inc. (April 1992); Sonoma County Superior Court No. 171059: Slip and Fall
Cornelius Andrews v. Kragen Auto Parts (October 1991); San Francisco County Municipal Court No. 048289: False Arrest

Heidi Barron v. Kragen Auto Parts (May 1991); Contra Costa County Superior Court No. C89-00526: Sexual Harassment

Gerne v. Transamerica Ins. Co. (April 1991); San Francisco County Superior Court No. 917062: Insurance Bad Faith

Kragen Auto Supply v. Kirkorian Devel. Co. (June 1990); Santa Clara County Superior Court No. 645405: Declar. Relief/Indemnity

Phillips v. Keystone Family, Inc. (June 1989); San Francisco County Superior Court No. 859531: Premises/Slip and Fall

Joseph Bartee v. Fibreboard Corporation (April 1988); Alameda County Superior Court No. 588498-0: Death/Mesothelioma

John Vasko v. Raymark Industries (January 1988); San Francisco County Superior Court No. 814471: Asbestosis

Paula Sheppard v. Larson Ins. Agency (November 1987); Shasta County Superior Court No. 27422: Insurance Broker E&O

Woodward v. Seattle Standard Corporation (October 1987); Shasta County Superior Court No. 88319: Premises/Slip and Fall

Murphy v. Whitcomb, M.D. (August 1986); Butte County Superior Court No. 85483: Medical Malpractice
Rivera v. Redding Police Department (February 1986); Shasta County Superior Court No. 77864: Police Misconduct

Socorro Chicas v. Pioneer Hospital (May 1984); Los Cerritos County Municipal Court: Medical Malpractice

Collins v. Monrovia Comm. Hospital (February 1984); Santa Anita County Municipal Court: Premises/Slip and Fall