Jura Christine Zibas Partner




Jura Christine Zibas is co-chair of the firm’s Intellectual Property practice and a member of the Information Governance Leadership Committee. She has an extensive technology background and focuses her legal practice on intellectual property and related commercial matters. Relying on her scientific and analytical skill sets, Jura assists in solving legal issues that involve intellectual property rights, cybersecurity and complex business disputes.

Jura has broad experience with matters involving the protection, licensing and acquisition of patents, copyrights and trademarks, as well as privacy and data security issues. Trained in chemistry and dentistry, Jura also handles complex civil matters that involve a scientific, software or technology component, including the defense of medical institutions, dentists, physicians and other medical professionals in malpractice cases. Jura’s work on intellectual property, data privacy and security matters, and complex civil matters includes the management of clients’ risks and expansion activities. Further leveraging her experience in complex disputes, she has represented large online retailers in data breach and intellectual property cases and a medical equipment company in government investigation and regulatory issues. In addition, she has advised on cyber risks in protecting millions of patient health information records and data privacy breach cases for various businesses. When resolving government investigations, Jura assists durable medical equipment companies and pharmacies with compliance and regulatory oversight in dealing with federal and state regulations. She represented clients in lengthy corruption and money laundering cases brought by the U.S. Attorney and defended a utility company executive in the bribery of public officials.

Jura takes an analytical approach in providing her clients with logical solutions to help meet their business challenges and goals. She quickly processes technical and financial data to gain an understanding of her clients’ overall business model as well as the economics behind a particular case. Her science and technology background is of particular value to her clients in the medical, durable medical equipment, health care, construction, manufacturing, computer and engineering fields.

Areas of Focus

Cybersecurity & Data Privacy
In the growing area of cybersecurity, Jura provides cyber risk management advice to CEOs, develops cybersecurity compliance programs, advises on current compliance programs, litigates data privacy cases, develops strategy for immediate response when a breach is reported, advises on technology and data gathering during a breach, and develops and executes incident response plans. In addition, she negotiates resolutions with regulators and banks after a breach occurs. Jura presents to business owners, lawyers and medical/dental professionals on cyber risk management.

Intellectual Property/Commercial
As a litigator, Jura effectively resolves infringement actions for both rights holders and defendants. Her experience includes copyright, trademark, patent, trade dress, trade secret, breach of contract, false and misleading advertising, defamation of business, breach of confidentiality, breach of privacy and data security, domain name misappropriation, contract disputes and counterfeiting matters.

In the commercial arena, Jura negotiates and drafts contracts that include intellectual property rights and develops enforcement programs for trademarks and patents. She handles large transactions for engineering, construction and real estate firms as well as a variety of privately held companies distributing and manufacturing a number of different products. She works with clients on acquisitions and performs due diligence, including intellectual property assets. In addition, Jura assists clients in patent mining and sourcing deals for joint ventures, licensing, cross-licensing and distribution based on the evaluation of current and future intellectual property assets. She also manages trademark and patent portfolios.

Jura resolves conflicts related to trademarks, copyrights, patents, confidentiality, trade secrets, trade dress, privacy and security, and regulatory compliance with the FTC, HHS and OIG, among others. She reviews websites, advertising materials and company practices for compliance with state and federal laws.

Clients that Jura has represented in intellectual property and related commercial matters include durable medical equipment, apparel, jewelry and consumer goods manufacturers and distributors; medical device manufacturers and distributors; nutraceutical companies; biotech companies; software companies; and companies in the music and entertainment industries. She frequently provides general counsel services for small to mid-size businesses.