Matthew S. Mahoney Partner




Matthew Mahoney focuses his practice primarily on general liability matters on behalf of a wide variety of corporations and quasi-governmental entities, particularly in the areas of premises liability, product liability and construction accident litigation. His practice also includes substantial aviation and trucking matters. Matt has extensive experience in federal, state and administrative courts in many areas of the law.

Matt joined the firm after serving four years as a Captain in the U.S. Army Judge Advocate General’s Corps. During his career as a military lawyer, Matt was involved in criminal law, administrative law and environmental law as well as government contracting. He also served as a Special Assistant U.S. Attorney prosecuting all civilian criminal matters for five military installations and one national park.

While Matt believes that attention to detail in all matters is important, he also believes his clients’ interests come first, and he is well aware that those interests can vary widely depending not only on the client but also on the nature of the case. During his Army career, Matt’s caseload was staggering by any measure, and he learned a great deal about the intricacies of dealing with government bureaucracies and their varied interests and positions. Through his experience handling legal assistance matters on behalf of soldiers and sailors, conducting criminal prosecutions and dealing with entities such as the EPA and the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, Matt learned to see the big picture before delving into the details. He puts that experience to work every day for his clients.

Areas of Focus

General Liability
Matt has a substantial practice in premises liability matters, and has handled all of the firm’s New Jersey litigation on behalf of a corporation owning a multi-state chain of health clubs. His practice also involves premises security matters and product liability claims, as well as workers’ compensation claims. Matt has represented professional sports league franchises in personal injury litigation involving both fans and players.

Matt’s experience in the aviation field includes representing large semi-public entities, airlines and aviation support companies In addition, he has litigated admiralty cases involving the U.S. Longshore and Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act and the U.S. Carriage of Goods by Sea Act, as well as numerous railroad matters involving the Federal Employer’s Liability Act. Recently, Matt has expanded his transportation practice to include the defense of several long-haul trucking companies.

Matt has represented large multinational corporations, professional sports franchises and teams, health clubs, and corporations related to the transportation industry, including aviation, trucking, railroad and maritime entities. He has also handled commercial litigation on behalf of large automobile finance companies.

In his construction accident litigation practice, Matt has represented large commercial property owners, general contractors and subcontractors in matters involving wrongful death, serious injury and product liability. Matt also has experience in handling construction defect claims on behalf of owners, architects, engineers and contractors.