Clients select Wilson Elser for more than the breadth of our substantive legal knowledge and trial experience. We are collaborative business partners who recognize efficiency, predictability and consistency as key contributors to legal service delivery on their business goals.

Wilson Elser ALIGN is our sustained initiative to maximize value to clients through innovative legal processes, including Legal Project Management and Legal Process Improvement. It’s the way we practice our profession, and it’s the way we deliver on our core values.

ALIGN drives results and service. We work with our clients to focus on outcome objectives and then collaborate to define the right strategy, staffing and actions to efficiently deliver best outcomes.

Legal Project Management is our systematic approach to scoping, planning and managing legal work. From single cases to national portfolios, from routine to highly complex assignments, we work closely with our clients to match resources and activities to the desired results. This approach supports predictability in terms of how the assignment is handled, the cost and the time frame to resolution.

Legal Process Improvement embraces business disciplines of Lean Six Sigma within a culture of continuous improvement. We listen to our clients. Their “voice” guides initiatives targeted at delivering service with lower cost and cycle time. We also recognize the power of our national team and develop consistent approaches that are linked to best outcomes, because sharing information allows us to replicate strategies and approaches that have already proved their value.

A Commitment to Training
Wilson Elser offers a full curriculum of ongoing training to all of its attorneys. This includes substantive Continuing Legal Education and an Associate Training Program focused on tactical skills. Law schools do not traditionally offer business process training such as project management or process improvement. We support ALIGN with a growing portfolio of internal training offerings. Beyond formal training, attorneys gain practical experience by participating in or leading focused initiatives.

We recognize progressive levels of training and experience through Legal Project Management certification with designations of ALIGN Certified, ALIGN Leader, ALIGN Master and ALIGN Champion.


Nearly all of our attorneys are certified at some level in Legal Project Management with increasing numbers advancing to “Leader,” “Master” and “Champion.”

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