ALIGN in Action


ALIGN at the Case Level

Legal Project Management’s application is most obvious at the individual case level.

  • Scoping: Early discussions with the client are focused on confirming goals and objectives and ensuring there is an effective communication plan factoring in all the stakeholders.
  • Planning: Strategic planning identifies not only key activities but also the staffing, timetable and projected expense. We express plans in financial terms – a budget. As an adjunct to the planning process, we consider potential risks that might impact strategy, timing or expenses.
  • Execution: Cases are managed to plan and budget. Changes are addressed proactively.
  • Matter closure: We welcome and solicit feedback that can inform future work.

ALIGN at the Client Program Level

Many clients depend on Wilson Elser to handle a portfolio of cases.

  • Managing to client metrics: Acknowledging that clients are interested in more than data, we detect trends before they become performance issues and encourage behaviors that positively influence key metrics.
  • Developing program-level staffing models: We combine best practices, key metrics and likely interactions in designing effective staffing models that align with distinct matter types.
  • Employing process-improvement techniques: We use data and experience to create a superior new process or improve on an existing process.
  • Managing project benchmarks: Recognizing that even the best project plans can go awry, we continually evaluate progress against benchmarks to help ensure completion on time and on budget.
  • Supporting alternative fee arrangements: Many pricing options are available that can be customized to the needs of individual clients.

ALIGN at the Firm Level

Innovative approaches to legal service delivery and ensuring consistency of our customer’s service experience is supported by Legal Process Improvement.

  • Process mapping: By mapping distinct parts of a process, we better manage resources, reduce costs and optimize benefits.
  • Best practices: We identify and migrate practices that consistently produce good outcomes.
  • Leveraging the firm’s experience: When it best serves our clients’ objectives, we draw on relevant experience and skill sets throughout Wilson Elser’s extensive office network.