Pro Bono Committee

Our firmwide efforts are coordinated by Wilson Elser’s Pro Bono Committee, which comprises senior attorneys and professional staff throughout the firm’s 38 U.S. offices and reports to the firm’s Executive Committee and Chairman. The Pro Bono Committee convenes regularly to set goals, provide updates, track progress and discern trends, as well as to encourage and celebrate our attorneys’ participation in pro bono activities.

The committee is broadly responsible for the continued effectiveness of Wilson Elser’s pro bono program and is specifically committed to advancing the following objectives:

  • Defining and implementing the firm’s pro bono policy
  • Monitoring, identifying and cultivating opportunities to select and provide pro bono work
  • Coordinating pro bono case screening and assignment
  • Disseminating information on pro bono opportunities and available services across the firm, including to incoming attorneys not yet familiar with the firm’s policies
  • Managing and monitoring the status of all pro bono activities, ensuring that proper assistance, supervision and resources are available
  • Providing monthly and annual reports on the status of the firm’s pro bono services

Pro Bono Committee Members

Pro Bono Liaisons: