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Wilson Elser Consulting offers a robust suite of non-legal business insurance services, including accomplished support for claims litigation management, legal spend management, legal operation management and enterprise legal management.  Our consultants draw on our standing as one of the world’s preeminent insurance defense law firms and our unrivaled knowledge of insurance industry standards, best practices and management models.

logo350Our approach is based on establishing close, strategic relationships with our clients and driven by the fundamental objective of identifying and implementing process improvements.  These collaborations spawn strategies that drive efficiency and contain legal spend – of critical importance in an industry characterized by low margins and high operating costs.

Wilson Elser is entrenched in the insurance industry like no other law firm.  Our consulting arm is fueled by best practices and the intellectual capital that the firm has harnessed by virtue of our more than 800 attorneys in 38 offices across the United States and one in London.

While our services start with forward-thinking operational processes and technology solutions, they hardly end there.  Our consultants devise and implement the tactics that can lead to measurable results.  When it best serves our clients’ objectives, we operate as change agents, capable of reimagining and revamping entire departments that, through inertia, may otherwise place a continuing drag on revenue and profits.  We “roll up our sleeves” and, together with our client counterparts, turn vision into action.

Throughout, Wilson Elser Consulting places the highest premium on accessibility, responsiveness and rapport, the same values that have driven the growth of the broader firm, carried over by several of the same attorneys who helped make our success possible.

Insurance Business Services

We offer the following specific services to insurance markets, carriers and other organizations engaged in claims litigation management, legal spend management, legal operations management or enterprise legal management:

Strategic & Operational Consulting
Taking a holistic view of an organization’s legal, claims and intellectual property departments, we identify and implement innovative workflows, processes and procedures designed to strengthen performance and generate savings.

Rates Benchmarking
Informed by our experience with virtually all major insurance carriers, we’re able to discern differences – positive and negative – between a law firm’s rates and marketplace norms. As appropriate, we recommend action to “bridge gaps.”

Software Applications
We understand the fundamentals and nuances of alternative software applications that support law firms and legal departments, and we assist in their rollout and maintenance.

Legal Spend Assessment & Analysis
We conduct a detailed review of each client’s legal spend and provide recommendations on hidden costs and untapped efficiencies. Central to our recommendations are proposed metrics that align with their distinct reporting and business needs.

Legal Invoice Review
We have broad experience with legal invoicing and are able to discern what are – and are not – legitimate expenses and make specific recommendations on how to avoid common billing pitfalls.

Document Management
We provide a current-state assessment and propose and help implement a more systematic workflow with emphasis on automation, ease of management and security.

Managed Services for e-Discovery
Acknowledging that failure to properly preserve electronically stored information may have damaging – even crippling – consequences, we work with the firm’s e-Discovery practice to help substantially lower related risks and costs.


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