Adam B. Rosen Partner




Adam Rosen’s New York State civil defense practice focuses on valuation, risk mitigation and resolution of personal injury and property damage claims. Throughout his legal career, Adam’s approach has centered on the cost-effective resolution of simple and complex claims, always in the context of targeted and customized risk management.

Adam identifies the exposure, risk and resolution options, with the projected cost investments, in order to present and create early resolution choices for the client, and he maintains focus on creating opportunities for closure throughout the life of the claim. From inception, even before litigation, through disposition of the claim, Adam takes proactive, targeted action to drive the claim toward the client’s preferred resolution strategy. He believes any expense investment made by a client in the claim should be the result of a client’s preferred resolution choice. Teaming with the client affords timely opportunities to make well-informed decisions regarding resolution, whether through cost-effective settlements (from mediation through to direct adverse counsel negotiation), procedural dismissals, substantive dismissals, successful tenders and, of course, trials and appeals.

Consistent with his claim resolution approach, Adam presents Wilson Elser training and education programs focused on litigation budgeting and planning as well as alternatives to the litigation mindset. He also participates in the firm’s client guidelines training and quality assurance, auditing and compliance programs.

Areas of Focus

Complex Tort & General Casualty
The past decade has been primarily centered on New York State construction OCIP claims, and taking a holistic view of not just the “general liability” claim but also the Workers’ Compensation risk and exposure so as to break down silos and mitigate total expense and exposure.

Adam also is called upon for emergency accident response investigation, and provides consult on construction site safety with an eye toward claim avoidance and loss mitigation.

Throughout his legal career, Adam has been retained for clients presented with claims involving: ownership, management, and vendor services and operations of residential and commercial buildings and properties; security company liability; restaurant liability such as food poisoning and Dram Shop claims; claims involving construction accidents and defects, inclusive of New York Labor Law claims; indemnity and insurance procurement issues associated with third-party personal injury and property damage claims; commercial motor vehicle liability; petroleum transport and delivery claims under New York Navigation Law; and product liability defense. Adam leverages his prior experience in medical malpractice defense to discern the implications and underlying causation issues that create claim defense opportunities.