Adam Levitsky Associate



Adam Levitsky handles a variety of professional malpractice actions in defense of lawyers, accountants, medical professionals, directors and officers, and design professionals. He also has appeared before professional licensing boards on behalf of clients. In addition, Adam’s practice extends to general liability, civil litigation, premises liability, construction site accident and other general litigation. Adam handles pleadings, discovery, motion practice and mediation and assists in all other aspects of litigation, including early resolution or trial if necessary.

Prior to joining Wilson Elser, Adam worked at New York law firms focused on civil litigation including commercial, employment, creditor-debtor, and insurance and indemnification litigation. He also has represented insurance companies and policyholders in civil litigation, with emphasis on insurance coverage, general liability and defamation litigation.

Areas of Focus

General Liability
Adam defends insured and self-insured commercial businesses, construction companies, restaurants, transportation companies, schools and public and private landlords, among others, against virtually every type of personal injury and property damage claim. 

Civil Litigation
At the initial consultation, Adam helps determine if the client’s case has merit or if they have the standing to fight against accusations brought against them. He then gathers evidence and interviews people about the case, helping to prepare all documentation, including the brief, complaint or answer. Adam represents his client in court, presenting evidence, questioning witnesses, and making the opening and closing statements.

Adam has represented construction contractors in construction negligence cases including residential and commercial construction defect cases. Adam also has been involved in litigating contractual risk transfer disputes among defendants. His careful attention to detail and ability to hone in on the key legal and technical aspects of construction cases has helped him deliver top-quality representation to clients in the industry.