Alan Fiedel Partner




Alan Fiedel focuses his practice on litigation and insurance. A hands-on, information-oriented attorney, he addresses matters of general liability, product liability, professional liability and trucking liability in both state and federal courts. He also handles insurance coverage issues and disputes pertaining to insurers and serves as monitoring counsel for litigation brought in the Caribbean basin and in South America against U.S.-based multinational corporations.

When retained on a case, Alan provides the client with the full picture early on and keeps them informed regularly throughout the process. He is honest in his assessment of potential liability and in weighing the strengths and weaknesses of each case in order to determine if early settlement, litigation or trial is the best means for achieving the client’s desired outcome.

Alan is the author of a host of articles for legal and industry publications, including those addressing an insured client’s rights in the context of the triangular relationship between the insurer, insured and the retained counsel. He also has written about abandonment of the constructive notice requirement in premises liability cases.

Alan also has written client alerts on the repeal of Florida’s joint and several liability laws; Florida’s exemption for surplus lines carriers; and the Florida Legislature’s reassessment of the rule governing the penalties for maintaining frivolous lawsuits and/or defenses to a claim.

Areas of Focus

In his litigation practice, Alan has addressed matters of general liability, including premises liability, auto liability and wrongful death. For example, he represents a large nationwide courier company in personal injury and wrongful death claims arising from accidents involving their delivery vehicles. He also handles premises liability and security matters for several large quick service restaurant chains as well as hotels and resorts in the United States and the Caribbean.

Alan’s product liability representations have included manufacturers of industrial equipment, medical equipment, recreation equipment, small appliances, and video and entertainment equipment. He has particular experience in fire loss litigation. He also has litigated toxic tort matters, including mold cases in South Florida as well as past asbestos cases for an automotive manufacturer.

In the professional liability area, Alan has handled matters for architects, mechanical, structural and marine engineers.

Alan also represents a select group of Florida based private colleges/universities and private elementary/middle/high schools in defending them against property, casualty, fleet auto, educator's legal and officers & directors, crime, foreign liability, environmental, and fiduciary claims.

Alan represents insurers as supervisory/coverage counsel, providing advice on policy interpretation, claim handling, claim resolution and bad faith avoidance. He has specific experience in claims against general contractors, material suppliers, transport service companies, title agents, lawyers, mental health care professionals, hotels and resorts, and securities brokers and dealers.

Alan represents insurers in a variety of litigation related to directors and officers claims, and also has been selected to preside over arbitration disputes between insurance carriers and policyholders.

Alan also represents a Florida-based private educational risk retention pool that offers its members property, casualty, workers' compensation, fleet auto, educator's legal and officers & directors, crime, foreign liability, environmental, fiduciary, cyber and foreign travel insurance. 

In addition, Alan has handled claims related to property loss and insurance coverage involving a variety of causes and types of property.