Andrew M. Epstein Partner




Andy Epstein is a civil litigator with more than 50 years of experience who has excelled in family law, probate, real estate law and commercial law. He has been involved in matters that produced at least 15 published opinions. Andy handles a variety of matters, including appellate work, and has served as a private mediator and as an expert witness in legal ethics matters.

Following law school, Andy was a law secretary to the Honorable Leon Leonard, J.A.D., and a research associate with the New Jersey Legislature Rules of Court Commission. He is a co-author of New Jersey Rules of Evidence and Annotations, 1972 Edition. 

Areas of Focus

Family Law
In the family law area of his practice, Andy provides consultation, guidance, negotiation, litigation and, where necessary, mediation. He also handles a variety of related agreements, from pre-marital to divorce, separation, settlement, custody and reconciliation agreements. His services extend to tax and estate considerations, issues that arise with unmarried partners, and family situations that involve commercial litigation.

Legal Ethics
Andy provides consultation, expert witness services and representation in legal ethics matters to attorneys and non-attorney clients who seek advice regarding legal ethics matters or the conduct of counsel. He also handles ethics disciplinary matters, normally representing or advising attorneys. As an expert witness, Andy provides opinions in legal malpractice cases, including instances where issues other than legal ethics may be involved.

Probate Litigation
When probate issues arise in matters involving trusts and estates or persons who are incapacitated, Andy assists in guardianships and conservatorships as well as cases involving decedents’ estates. Litigation in this area might include validity of wills; construction and interpretation of wills and trusts; performance of executors and other fiduciaries; and the distribution of assets. Andy’s experience with tax consequences and commercial matters extend to these types of cases as well. 

Representative Matters

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