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Additional Publications

Author, Chapter IX, Vol. 3 “Marine Oil Pollution,” Benedict on Admiralty, 1995−present

Co-author, United States Law Chapter, “Marine Pollution Control,” Lloyd’s Practical Shipping Guides (2018)

Co-author, “Evolution of Marine Pollution Law, 1966−2016,” Tulane Law Review, Volume 91, Number 5 (Copyright 2017)

Co-author, “United States of America,” Enforcement of Judgments, Awards & Deeds in Commercial Matters, European Lawyer Series (First edition 2012)

Book Review: “Farwell’s Rules of the Nautical Road” (Eighth Edition), Craig H. Allen, Journal of Maritime Law & Commerce, Vol. 37, No. 1 (January 2006)

Author, “When Your Ship Is in the Bull’s Eye: The Maritime Transportation Security Act and Potential Vessel Owner Liability to Third Parties Resulting from a Terrorist Attack,” University of San Francisco Maritime Law Journal, Vol. 17, Issue 2 (2004)

Co-author of copyrighted course books, “Admiralty: Limitation of Liability, Cases and Materials” and “Admiralty: The Law of Collision, Cases and Materials”

Co-author, “The International Safety Management (ISM) Code: A New Level of Uniformity,” Tulane Law Review (1999)

Author, “How to Minimize Your Exposure: Practical Strategies in the Defense of Marine Pollution Claims,” Environmental Claims Journal (1993)

Co-author, “Overview of U.S. Law of Shipowners’ Limitation of Liability,” Maritime Law Association Reports (1991) (Reprinted, Il Diritti Marittimo, Genoa, Italy, 1992)

Co-author, “The Oil Pollution Act of 1990,” Tulane Maritime Law Journal (1990)

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