April Adell Of Counsel



April Adell primarily handles appeals and motions in state and federal courts. Additionally, April acts as a consultant on trials in federal District Court. She provides clear, concise and relevant advice on substantive and procedural law. Her work in the private sector and the federal and state court systems enables her to analyze issues from both a litigation and judicial perspective. April is experienced in diverse areas of federal and state law at both the trial and appellate levels, and she possesses strong research and analytical skills, as well as superior drafting skills.

As a career law clerk for the Honorable Sandra J. Feuerstein, United States District Judge, Eastern District of New York, for almost 18 years, April acquired extensive knowledge of, and experience in, federal substantive and procedural law. She also is versed in New York State substantive law and procedure from her years as a litigator at a New York defense firm and as a court attorney in the New York State Supreme Court, Appellate Division, Second Judicial Department.

Areas of Focus

Federal and Appellate
Through trial monitoring − either on-site or remotely − April is able to provide objective, real-time evaluations of federal and appellate issues and help to ensure compliance with federal and appellate rules of procedure. Through this collaboration with trial counsel, she develops a record that puts the client in the strongest position on motions and appeals. Her experience with the rules and procedures of federal courts often gives her the inside track in navigating the federal court system to her clients’ benefit. April also helps ensure the quality and consistency of issues briefing at the trial and appellate court levels, and works with trial counsel to develop a uniform approach to overall litigation strategy.