N. Asir Fiola Partner




Asir Fiola represents insurance and private clients in all areas of civil litigation, including cases arising out of automobile accidents, construction accidents, construction defects, subrogation claims, breach of contract, premises liability, employment disputes, wrongful termination of employment, assault and battery, false arrest and exposure to toxic substances. Asir’s clients include rental car companies, product manufacturers and suppliers, retail stores, transportation companies and individuals in the public eye. 

Asir has represented clients in disputes that involve catastrophic injuries, employment issues or business disputes across southern California. His extensive experience in general liability provides him with a unique ability to focus on the medical aspects of a case, to determine whether a party's claimed injuries are truly related to a particular incident. Being able to review and, more importantly, understand the applicable medical records, Asir is often asked to perform a pre-litigation review of medical records, to assist in settling a claim before it gets to the courts, thereby saving his clients time and money. 

While Asir is skilled at negotiating settlements, he is prepared to try a case when necessary. With almost 20 years of trial experience, he works closely with clients to prepare for deposition and trial testimony in a way that puts his clients at ease. After trial, Asir drafts effective appellate briefs, which makes him a uniquely versatile asset. Asir is called on by clients and insurance companies to give presentations on various subject matters relating to civil litigation, including the amount of damages that a plaintiff is entitled to recover for past medical treatment. In addition, he has published materials relating to the circumstances under which administrative agencies, rather than the courts, may definitively interpret federal statutes.