Beata Shapiro Partner




Beata Shapiro has extensive experience representing national and international entities and individuals in personal injury, wrongful death and property damage claims, as well as emergency response matters. She also advises clients on and handles matters related to regulatory compliance, administrative actions, acquisitions, contracts, employee guidelines and licensing issues.

Beata has represented clients from 32 states and 7 countries, including all provinces of Canada, helping them achieve their business objectives, minimize exposure, mitigate risk and recover losses. She likewise defends clients in litigation, in many instances securing complete dismissals on motions, defense verdicts or settlements for a fraction of the demand. In addition, Beata’s representation of her clients in litigation has frequently resulted in case law that is positive for her clients, and at times has involved novel and complex issues.

Beata brings to her work a wealth of talent and experience gained from diverse ventures, including study of economics and a Master’s Degree in Business Administration, professional experience in finance and investment, and linguistic skills in Russian, Italian and French.

Beata has published articles and conducted educational seminars for clients and industry organizations on topics ranging from state and federal court procedures to substantive legal issues and litigation strategies for avoiding and defending actions related to catastrophic personal injury, property damage, and strategies for emergency response, regulatory compliance, product liability and insurance coverage.

Sampling of Successful Cases

  • A New York wrongful death case where the client, a trucking company, was dismissed from suit without payment after being sued by the estate of the deceased who sustained injuries while unloading the client’s trailer
  • Dismissal without payment and recovery of property damages for the client’s vehicle damages and workers’ compensation benefits payments due to injuries sustained by the client’s employee resulting from a motor vehicle accident in Kentucky where suit was brought against the client by the driver and the family of the passenger in the other vehicle for catastrophic injury and wrongful death
  • Recovery in a case in New York involving the client’s theft of precious metals against an entity in the process of bankruptcy
  • Dismissal on motion for summary judgment in a case in Massachusetts against a client operating a restaurant sued by a customer who sustained severe injuries
  • Dismissal of a trucking company client in a case in Massachusetts involving catastrophic injuries on motion to dismiss for lack of personal jurisdiction
  • Dismissal on motion for summary judgment of a product liability client in a case in California involving significant property damages claims due to a fire
  • Defense verdict in a product liability case in Massachusetts claiming food contamination
  • Dismissal on motion to dismiss of a class action in Connecticut against a trucking company client based on the Carmack Preemption
  • Multiple defense verdicts in cases in Massachusetts for claims of cargo damage against motor carrier clients
  • Settlement for less than 1 percent of claimed damages in a suit in Vermont against a client sued as a result of a fire at a large commercial property.

Areas of Focus

Transportation / Emergency Response
Beata represents transportation and logistics entities and shippers, including public and private motor carriers, ocean carriers and NVOCCs, rail carriers and freight brokers in transactional matters, regulatory issues, licensing, government audits, emergency response, and pre-suit and active litigation involving personal injury, wrongful death, freight charge disputes and cargo claims. Beata also helps clients prepare shipping and shipping logistics contracts, employment guidelines and data retention policies, and she has represented transportation industry clients in administrative proceedings resulting from federal and state agency fines. Her work in matters requiring emergency response includes interfacing with government agencies, experts and adjusters with regard to investigations; evidence gathering and preservation; managing environmental clean-ups and assessments; and preparing public statements on behalf of the client.

Product Liability
Beata defends clients against product liability and mass tort actions in a variety of categories, including commercial vehicles and consumer and commercial products. She represents U.S.-based businesses as well as Canadian and other international companies confronting exposures arising from U.S. product liability claims and litigation.

Real Estate / Premises Liability
From transactional real estate to corporate issues and government relations to land use and zoning issues, Beata handles matters that arise from the ownership and management of real property. In addition, she defends clients in premises liability claims and litigation.

Representative Matters

Donahoe v. Maggiano’s Holding Corp., 440 F Supp 3d 92, 93 (D Mass 2020) – Premises liability, summary judgment granted dismissing the plaintiff’s claims. Plaintiff failed to prove causation.

Certain Underwriters at Lloyd’s v. S. Pride Trucking, 331 F Supp 3d 956, 961 (D Neb 2018) – Cargo claim, summary judgment motion, finding that joint and several liability does not apply.
Roth v. 2810026 Can. Ltd., 2017 U.S. Dist. LEXIS 161267 * (W.D. N.Y. 2017) – Summary judgment granted dismissing plaintiffs claims for failure to establish serious injury.

Witt v. Dixie Frgt. Sys., 2016 US Dist LEXIS 166013, at *1 (D Utah 2016) – Motor vehicle accident, personal injury claim, finding that plaintiff failed to comply with discovery obligations.

Atlas Aero. LLC v. Advanced Transp., Inc., 2012 US Dist LEXIS 157416, at *1 (D Kan 2012) – Cargo claim, plaintiff’s claim dismissed under Carmack Amendment preemption.

Cadwallader v. Allied Van Lines, Inc., Civil No. 3:10cv1316 (D. Conn. 2011) – Class action against a household goods mover, claims dismissed on motion to dismiss pursuant to Carmack Amendment preemption.

Tabb v. Journey Frgt. Internations, 584 F Supp 2d 334 (D Mass 2008) – Personal injury claim resulting from unloading of a trailer, plaintiff’s claims dismissed based on lack of personal jurisdiction.