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Cathlynn Cannon has extensive experience in federal and state trial and appellate courts with an emphasis on insurance coverage, general tort liability defense and commercial litigation. Cathlynn is a seasoned and pragmatic litigator with a well-established record of successfully defending clients in the courtroom, and has demonstrated equal finesse in meeting client objectives through arbitration or other types of dispute-resolution methods. She is adept at drawing on Wilson Elser’s deep resources and national footprint to handle large, multijurisdictional and complex cases expeditiously and cost-effectively.

Areas of Focus

Complex Tort & General Casualty 
Cathlynn assists clients in preventing, mitigating and managing exposure through risk, crises, and claims and litigation management. She scrupulously attends to every detail in preparing to defend her clients and she is committed to resolving claims quickly and efficiently.

Insurance & Reinsurance Coverage / Bad Faith
Cathlynn handles bad faith lawsuits that could result in large punitive damages awards, taking care to monitor the outcome of any underlying litigation and advising her clients on the proper investigation and valuation of damaged property.

Cathlynn has litigated employment claims brought under Title VII, FMLA, ADA, ADEAA, the Equal Pay Act and the Texas Labor Code in both state and federal courts, including litigating against the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.  She has handled numerous discrimination and harassment investigations for Texas employers and in many cases has successfully resolved difficult situations prior to any lawsuit being filed.

Product Liability
Cathlynn understands that product liability matters often extend beyond legal defense to business effects on daily management of the business, corporate governance, future corporate transactions and communications to shareholders. She handles matters that extend beyond one court or jurisdiction, with sensitivity toward nationwide and, often, international implications.

Professional Liability & Services / Architects & Engineers
Cathlynn has experience representing a cross section of architects, engineers, construction managers and contractors, as well as their professional liability insurers. She defends malpractice suits and provides pre-claim counsel with an eye toward containing the financial damage that can be caused by the growing number of claims in this area of law.

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