Connor J. Stinson Partner




Connor Stinson is a defense litigator focusing on general liability, commercial liability, and automobile and common carrier liability. Connor also specializes in transportation law. 

Connor is known for consistently exceeding his clients’ expectations with respect to responsiveness, proactivity and results. He is especially careful to clarify the litigation process for clients, using his talent for accurate case evaluation and assessment of liability and damage exposure. Clients have come to rely on Connor for an immediate response to all legal issues that arise as well as for practical, creative and sound advice consistent with their unique business structure and philosophy. 

In personal injury auto accident cases, Connor leads a diverse team of industry-leading experts and investigators in preparing matters for trial. In addition to litigating matters, he has advised a number of clients, including start-up companies, in the transportation mobile technology sector. Connor leverages his litigation experience and nuanced expertise in emerging technologies to provide strategic counsel to transportation clients to assist them in navigating the changing regulatory landscape, minimizing liability, improving logistics and growing their businesses.