Dennis J. Rhodes Of Counsel




Dennis Rhodes focuses his practice on the defense of insurance companies in life, health and disability litigation involving individual policies as well as group policies held by employee benefit plans under ERISA. He handles such matters from initial case analysis through settlement or bench trial. Dennis also represents insurance companies in coverage disputes involving general liability policies, particularly in the area of construction defect claims. He practices regularly before federal and state courts in California and assists with the defense of cases in Nevada, Washington and Oregon as needed. He is a member of the firm’s Diversity Committee.

In the life insurance area, Dennis regularly represents insurers in misrepresentation claims, disputes over life insurance proceeds and rescission actions. He also handles litigation arising out of the use of life insurance policies and annuities to fund 412(i) and 419(a)(f)(6) benefit plans. In addition, Dennis has extensive experience defending insurance companies in denial of disability benefits claims under ERISA. Another component of his practice involves defending long term care insurers in litigation and counseling them with regard to their long-term care products. Dennis previously represented securities broker-dealers in customer disputes before the former National Association of Securities Dealers.

Dennis recognizes that the client is not simply part of a lawsuit but rather is part of a multi-faceted business. He is attentive to the unique needs of each of his clients, getting to know their practices in order to understand each company’s particular business model so he can provide them with the best possible representation.