Ellyn B. Wilder Partner




Ellyn Wilder is a civil litigator whose practice consists of general liability defense work with a strong emphasis on construction cases and labor law matters. Her practice primarily focuses on high-exposure labor law matters pending in the State of New York. She also provides defense litigation of automobile matters, premises liability and products liability matters for large domestic and international primary or excess insurers.

Ellyn has defended many well-known real estate investment trusts, commercial real estate conglomerates, sports franchises, global investment firms and national construction entities in their capacities as owners and contractors in connection with complex labor law claims brought against them. She has experience arguing multifaceted labor law matters before the Supreme Court as well as the Appellate Division of the First Department and has achieved many favorable decisions from these courts. Specifically, Ellyn has succeeded in having Labor Law § 240(1) and § 241(6) claims, setting forth significant injuries and loss of wages, dismissed against claimants.

Ellyn has significant experience defending premises liability matters, including personal injury, elevator and escalator malfunction accidents, property damage claims, subrogation claims and products liability claims for national and international companies. She has also defended international organizations and petroleum companies against high-exposure automobile matters, and has been successful in having claims dismissed based on New York Insurance Law § 5102(d).

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