Frank T. Laznovsky Senior Counsel




Frank Laznovsky concentrates his practice on complex commercial litigation in the context of high-stakes disputes involving intellectually challenging fact patterns. His cases typically are expansive in breath and scope, many of them “bet the company” cases or involving complex “business divorce” issues that require mature and experienced judgment that goes beyond an analysis of the operative facts, applicable law, consideration of the equities and the background of the judge. He uses a practical, common sense, cost-sensitive approach focused on producing an expeditious, practical, economical result consistent with the clients’ goals. Frank’s ability to grasp cultural, geographical and strategic nuances rather than pursue theoretical solutions accounts for the high value that his clients place on his judgment.

Trial practice has been the focus of Frank’s entire 39-year career. His experience comes from working in the trenches – where the “tire meets the road” and concrete reality trumps abstract theory. He has learned to play with the factual and legal cards dealt rather than theory. Frank knows how to speak to judges, juries and adversaries in a manner calculated to bring about the best result for the client. He has a healthy understanding of human nature and its complexities, particularly in the context of high-pressure litigation.

Frank has a particular concentration in commercial litigation matters. In addition to handling cases in New York, he has been lead counsel in cases/arbitrations litigated in the District of Columbia, Maryland, Virginia, New Jersey, Connecticut, Rhode Island, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida and California.

Known for his accomplishments in the area of litigation, Frank was selected as a contributing author to Tactics and Strategy in Major Litigation published by the Practicing Law Institute.

Range of Matters Litigated
During the course of his litigation career, Frank has represented a publisher of a mass circulation magazine; a German car manufacturer; a Swiss mega-bank and its securities affiliate; a commercial/ merchant investment bank jointly owned by a large German bank and a large Austrian bank; one of the largest and most successful hedge funds and its partners; a host of securities/financial services industry institutions; a major Monaco-based shipping company; a major manufacturer of catalysts for the oil industry; a large construction company; the largest insurance companies; numerous wine/champagne producers and distributors; the president of major Washington DC think tank; the chairman of a large securities firms; the chief financial officer of a real estate developer.

In addition:

  • Served as counsel to the American Insurance Association and represented the president of a major university; economics and finance professors from the business schools at Harvard, Yale, Columbia, MIT and the London School of Economics.
  • Served as counsel in a large tax case in which winners of the Nobel Prize were involved.
  • Litigated many very large, challenging contract interpretation/construction cases in a host of jurisdictions.
  • Was one of the attorneys representing the railroads when the federal government created Amtrak and Conrail.

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