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Gina Calabria has a diverse practice that includes complex tort, general casualty and transportation matters. Gina also has experience handling construction litigation, product liability claims and employment litigation. She serves a broad client base, including commercial property owners and managers, global retailers, manufacturers, distributors, restaurants, hotels, entertainment companies, long-haul trucking companies and taxi fleets. Gina appears frequently in federal and state courts throughout New Jersey, handling matters from inception through trial and appeal. She routinely provides consultation to clients concerning operational policies and risk management strategies that improve safety and reduce litigation.

Areas of Focus

Complex Tort & General Casualty / Hospitality
Gina regularly defends property owners/operators in security and premises liability claims. She has extensive experience defending commercial property owners, hotels and retailers concerning negligent security, liquor liability, electrocution and pedestrian falls.

Transportation Claims
In the transportation field, Gina defends several national trucking and long-hauling companies and taxi fleets in complex litigation, including large-loss injury and death claims, freight and property claims, and PIP and subrogation cases. She understands the importance of rapid response to catastrophic incidents, early case evaluation, the economics of transportation litigation, and when it is necessary to aggressively defend cases through trial.

As part of the firm’s 24/7 emergency response team for catastrophic events, Gina has handled catastrophic transport and products liability claims, mobilizing a variety of experts to an incident scene to immediately preserve evidence and start building an appropriate defense during the first critical hours following a major accident.

General Liability / Construction / Products Liability
Gina assists clients in preventing, mitigating and managing exposure through risk, claims and litigation advisory services. Successful resolution of construction litigation often involves unraveling complex issues related to liability, contractual disputes and other aspects of insurance coverage. For clients involved in large commercial and industrial projects, Gina advises on a wide range of issues in matters involving catastrophic injuries. Clients in this area include property owners, contractors, and manufacturers and distributors of industrial machinery and construction equipment.

Employment Law
Gina’s practice also includes the representation of employers and management in connection with employment-related disputes involving wrongful termination, harassment, retaliation and discrimination claims. In conferring with clients, Gina takes into consideration the demands of their industries, the history of their businesses and what outcomes would constitute success in facilitating a resolution. Beyond claims handling, she has experience with a broad range of transactional and contract matters, restrictive covenants and non-compete disputes.

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