Gregg A. Tatarka Partner




Gregg Tatarka focuses on managing national counsel coordinating programs for products liability, with a particular specialization in fire litigation. Generally, he represents manufacturers of consumer electronic products and appliances, such as microwave ovens, air conditioners and clothes dryers. Gregg also represents manufacturers of gas-fired appliances and has represented manufacturers of flexible gas piping relating to fire cases and defended manufacturers, distributors and retailers of products in litigation and arbitration hearings. Gregg has defended a number of clients regarding alleged failures of lithium ion batteries causing fires, property damage or bodily injury. In addition, Gregg investigates claims and participates in alternative dispute resolution on behalf of clients. He is presently representing a client in a class action pending in British Columbia, Canada.

Gregg is a tenacious advocate with the ability to drill down on details and pick up on technical issues. Prior to joining Wilson Elser, Gregg worked for the U.S. Department of Defense for three years. He is a volunteer coach of his son’s little league baseball team and a Cub Scout den leader.

Areas of Focus

Product Liability / Consumer Electronics and Appliances
Gregg defends manufacturers, distributors and retailers of consumer electronics and appliances in product liability litigation and claims concerning fires, burn injuries, fatalities, electrocutions/electric shocks, hearing loss and other bodily injuries. For the past five years, Gregg has nationally defended products such as household appliances; electric, kerosene and gas-powered heaters; cellular phones; lithium ion batteries; and notebook computers. Gregg has researched and co-authored articles concerning the apparent manufacturer doctrine, lithium-ion batteries, cellular telephone product liability exposure and the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act. He has represented clients in multimillion-dollar property damage claims and in multiple fatality claims as well as allegations of electric shocks and hearing loss or other injuries from cellular telephones/RF exposure. Because he deals primarily with fire litigation, Gregg has attended and participated in fire scene examinations and laboratory examinations.