Gregory T. Foote Of Counsel




Greg Foote has practiced law in New Jersey for nearly 13 years, developing a broad practice as well as trial experience. He focuses his practice on general liability, product liability, premises liability and auto negligence in state and federal courts. Greg uses his strong analytical skills to evaluate cases in the discovery process, enabling the firm's clients to determine whether claims should be resolved early in the litigation process without incurring significant defense costs or if the case should be fully litigated and taken to trial.

Areas of Focus

Premises Liability
Greg has extensive experience in defending commercial landlords and tenants in personal injury and property damage cases from inception to trial. He routinely interprets complex lease agreements relating to various commercial properties, such as shopping centers and shopping malls, to determine responsibility for maintenance and control of specific areas, as well as responsibility to defend and indemnify.
Product Liability
Greg has substantial experience defending a wide array of product liability claims involving such products as industrial machinery (conveyor system, flex-folder-gluer), HVAC pipe valves, blow torches, fireplaces, and walking canes and crutches. He has defended claims of negligence, strict liability (manufacturing and design defect, failure to warn) and breach of warranty.
Auto Negligence
Greg has significant experience defending personal injury and property damage claims arising from auto accidents involving private passenger vehicles and commercial vehicles. These cases require Greg to routinely evaluate issues relating to the motor vehicle code, PIP, subrogation and the verbal tort threshold.