Jesse Showalter Associate




Jesse Showalter is a well-respected litigator in state courts throughout Texas. Jesse has tried 19 jury trials, handling cases at the state and federal levels. He focuses his practice in the areas of personal injury, wrongful death, cyber liability claims and data breach counseling, cyber liability claims and intellectual property matters. Jesse routinely handles pre-suit investigations and claims that involve wrongful death and catastrophic injuries, including brain damage, paralysis, amputation and orthopedic injuries. In addition, Jesse has managed extensive document review and represented and advocated for clients in hearings, mediations and depositions, and has negotiated numerous positive settlements on behalf of clients.

Jesse understands that not every case will or should go to trial, and shapes his input from early case evaluation to allow his clients to determine whether a case should be defended aggressively through trial or resolved through creative settlement options. He prides himself on being proactive and giving each case his focused attention from the moment it comes through the door, providing the framework to build a successful defense.

Areas of Focus

Personal Injury Defense
Jesse is adept and relentless at getting the facts straight and keeping the plaintiffs “honest.” Finding preexisting and other related medical conditions in medical records and/or finding prior inconsistent statements about injuries or accidents is what Jesse considers the most rewarding challenge. 

Jesse’s trucking defense cases include all types of liability matters, personal injury and accident claims. He leverages the firm’s unique ability to handle catastrophic cases through its broad geographic scope and adherence to a collaborative “cross-practice” approach, frequently involving colleagues well-versed in regulatory and administrative matters. Wilson Elser’s nationwide 24/7 response program helps ensure that team members are engaged during the first critical hours following a catastrophe. 

Cybersecurity & Data Privacy
Jesse is consulted and retained as immediate data breach counsel for clients who experience cybersecurity incidents, taking into account all manner of actors, including nation-states, criminal entities, terrorists, “hacktivists” and well-meaning employees. His experience in cybersecurity and data privacy enables him to represent clients effectively through the stages of breach identification, forensic analysis, necessary notification, initial and continuing regulatory compliance, and potential third-party claims. He carefully monitors trends and changes to cyber “attack vectors,” including social engineering, helping to ensure that clients’ risk management guidelines are up to date, practical and effective.