John A. Hsu Partner




John Hsu is a trial lawyer and accomplished litigator who practices in state and federal courts, notably in Kings County, Nassau County and the Southern District of New York. John handles all aspects of litigation, including trial preparation, substantive motions, mediations and more. A tenacious litigator who zealously advocates for his clients, John focuses on an initial fact investigation to develop the most cost-efficient and meaningful strategy for eventual resolution.

Specializing in general liability, including premise, automobile and construction matters, John has deep knowledge of the federal guidelines, regulations and industry standards that must be factored in to an effective defense. He uses his substantial experience to develop trial themes that allow for the presentation of evidence in a manner designed to educate the jury in a way that helps them to determine facts in his client's favor.

Areas of Focus

General Liability
John is highly experienced with general liability cases involving personal injury and property damage claims in state and federal courts for national commercial clients and individual owners. He has particular experience litigating complex personal injury claims involving premises, construction and property damage, as well as owners and general contractors in construction site accidents

John has successfully defended trucking carriers, commercial transportation carriers, and taxi and livery fleets. He represents bus lines, small to large fleet carriers, freight forwarders and brokers, shippers, and taxi and limousine companies. John understands the unique issues facing companies that transport cargo and people, first- and third-party liability, subrogation issues, and the interplay of legislation surrounding vehicle operation and ownership responsibility.

Emergency Response
John is a leader of Wilson Elser’s Rapid Response team, providing swift, comprehensive support for clients in the event of catastrophes and multiple fatality accidents, such as truck and bus crashes, elevator and escalator incidents, factory explosions or building collapses. Fully engaged, often within hours of the event, the team is on-site gathering the information and witness insights that can help clients manage investigatory demands and fortify potential future litigation defenses.


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