John E. MacDonald II Partner



John MacDonald focuses his litigation practice on transportation, product liability, and general liability and tort defense. He combines experience in litigation and in business to counsel companies in all phases of disputes and litigation, as well as other complex legal and business issues. John’s corporate background helps him guide clients through claims and litigation, limiting exposure and achieving resolution with the best interests of his clients’ businesses in mind.

Prior to joining Wilson Elser, John was litigation counsel for a major sporting goods holding company, serving several internationally recognized brands in the consumer products space. John oversaw the company’s portfolio of product and employment liability litigation in state and federal courts across the country, guiding and managing strategy, discovery and resolution. He also defended class action, intellectual property, ADA, and other business claims and litigation, helping to achieve results and outcomes that allowed the businesses to continue operations with minimal disruption. Additionally, John provided valuable counsel to the brands on how to mitigate and avoid risk and on other business matters to avoid claims and litigation.

John brings his in-house experience to Wilson Elser, providing a valuable perspective on how the firm promotes its clients’ interests in litigation and ancillary issues while promoting and protecting the best interests of their businesses. John understands and appreciates that successful litigation considers not only the matter at hand but also how that matter and its resolution impact the business as a whole, now and in the future.