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Jordan Matheny focuses her litigation practice on transportation, product liability, commercial litigation, and a range of complex tort and general casualty matters. Jordan manages the entire litigation process, and often uses her superior negotiating skills to reach resolutions before litigation becomes necessary.

As a member of the firm’s 24/7 Emergency Response Team, Jordan assists national clients with preserving evidence to strengthen future litigation defenses. She frequently assists in pre-suit investigations and determination of causation. Jordan’s proactive work on matters has led to great success with motions to dismiss as well as summary judgment motions. Jordan’s extensive experience defending choice of law issues, insurance disputes, personal injury matters, commercial matters, contractual matters, governmental affairs, franchises, workers' compensation claims and employment matters has provided her clients with a valuable advantage at all phases of disputes and litigation.

Always responsive to the needs of her profession and colleagues, Jordan participates on the firm’s Associate Focus Committee, which guides professional development and advancement activities for young attorneys. She also is a member of WAVE (Women Attorneys Valued & Empowered), which has proven its effectiveness through numerous awards and recognitions for the firm in advancing women in the profession. Jordan also supports the firm’s pro bono initiatives and works with the Legal Aid Society of the Orange County Bar Association to assist with any matters that are needed, such as serving as a mediator for property disputes and serving as a court-appointed guardian ad litem.

Areas of Focus

Product Liability
Jordan represents manufacturers in litigation involving state-of-the-art products. She is keenly aware that product liability matters can extend beyond legal defense to the business effects on risk management, insurance coverage, brand image, financing, future corporate transactions and communications to shareholders.

Complex Tort & General Casualty
Jordan has extensive experience defending clients against matters involving uninsured motorists, automobile and trucking accidents, negligent security and other general premises liability claims. Ever mindful of the increasing economic pressures under which clients conduct their businesses, Jordan is committed to resolving claims quickly and efficiently.

Trucking, Transportation & Cargo
As a member of the firm’s Transportation, Cargo and Logistics Practice team, Jordan handles a variety of transportation matters and regulatory compliance matters. While serving as national counsel for major transportation and logistics companies, Jordan leads mediations, settlement conferences and trials throughout the United States, working alongside local counsel. As a member of the firm’s 24/7 National Emergency Response Team, she has handled catastrophic transportation matters. She provides client assistance in immediately mobilizing experts and/or investigators to the accident scene to preserve evidence to strengthen future litigation defenses.

Commercial Litigation
Jordan provides clients with innovative and timely strategic counsel to help them make better-informed decisions, resolve complex legal challenges and achieve specific business goals. Seasoned and pragmatic, she has a well-established track record of successfully defending clients in the courtroom, and has demonstrated equal finesse in meeting client objectives through mediation or other types of dispute-resolution methods.

Premises Liability
Jordan defends commercial property owners in a multitude of premises liability matters, including but not limited to negligent security matters, slip and/or trip and falls, and dog bites. Jordan is aggressive when developing defense strategies that lead to favorable results and early resolution of the cases.

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