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  • New York Court of Appeals: Vandalism Coverage under “Named Peril” Property Policy Can Apply Even When Malicious Act Is Not Directed at Covered Property

    NY Expands Vandalism Coverage under Named Peril Policy

    November 7, 2013

    Answering two certified questions of first impression in New York, the Court of Appeals has expanded vandalism coverage under a Named Peril property policy where there was proof of malicious intent to damage or destroy property, even where the acts in question were not directed at – and did not bring vandals in direct contact with – the covered property.

  • Insurer Ordered to Defend Homeowner under Umbrella Policy

    September 2010

    Must an insurer who issued an umbrella policy defend and indemnify a negligence suit against a covered homeowner, after her son committed a murder and left the victim's remains on her property? Yes, said the Nassau County Supreme Court in Metropolitan Property and Casualty Insurance Co. v. Marshall. The court found that the murder amounted to a covered incident under the policy, in that the loss was essentially an accident that was "unexpected, unusual and unforeseen," from the homeowner's point of view.

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Co-author, chapter on “General Liability Coverage,” Insurance Law Practice, New York State Bar Association, 2001 (updated bi-annually).