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Juliann Safko O’Meara draws on her background as a registered nurse and her skills as a litigator to provide clients with an effective defense in high-exposure medical malpractice and nursing home lawsuits. On behalf of various health care professionals and organizations, Juliann has obtained numerous dismissals on summary judgment and also has negotiated many favorable settlements and discontinuances.

Clients Juliann has represented in malpractice and negligence claims include hospitals, nursing homes, physicians, nurses, nurse mid-wives, dentists, physical therapists and other allied health care professionals. She has handled a number of malpractice cases in the growing area of teleradiology involving claims of failure to properly interpret patient films brought against physicians and companies to which hospitals have outsourced their radiology services. She also has experience defending nursing home clients in the rising number of lawsuits seeking punitive damages under New York Public Health Law Section 2801-d. In addition, she has prepared presentations to nursing home staff on risk management and proper documentation.

Prior to her legal career, Juliann was a full-time registered nurse focused on the care and treatment of cardiac patients and continued to work at various high-level trauma centers while attending law school in Boston. Her dual nursing and legal background allows Juliann to effectively communicate with clients as both a lawyer and confidante. She not only is able to deftly review and analyze medical records and communicate with experts, but also understands first-hand the challenges that physicians and nurses face in the day-to-day care of their patients.

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