Kayla A. Riera-Gomez Of Counsel




Kayla Riera-Gomez represents businesses and individuals in all aspects of civil litigation. Her practice focuses on the defense of claims related to general liability, complex torts, premises liability, personal injury, professional liability, automobile liability and employment matters. Kayla is part of the legal team that litigates cases in state and federal courts and in alternative dispute resolution forums. 

Kayla serves as panel counsel for insurers and choice counsel for several companies, representing entities throughout Florida’s community-based care system in all phases of multiparty, multimillion-dollar death and injury claims, with a focus on unique, complex solutions of the claims and related insurance and contractual issues. 

Prior to practicing law, Kayla held various positions in state government. She served as a legislative assistant to members of both the Florida Senate and the Florida House of Representatives. In addition, she ran local campaigns and served as a regional political director for a gubernatorial campaign. Kayla’s political background has enabled her to bring high-level communication and negotiation skills to her legal practice.

Areas of Focus

General Liability
Kayla has litigated numerous cases involving wrongful death and other significant-exposure personal injury, third-party insurance coverage, premises liability, general liability and other matters in Florida’s state and federal courts for individual and corporate clients throughout the United States. 

Nonprofit Agencies
Kayla litigates insurance matters involving nonprofit agencies, including foster care agencies, schools, churches, day care facilities and camps. Kayla has handled cases of first impression alleging wrongful adoption, culpable negligence and delayed reunification. She is known for her extensive knowledge of the child welfare system in Florida and her unique ability to develop practical strategies to address clients’ present and future needs. 

Government Contracts
Kayla’s state government experience has created an understanding of the unique issues involved with litigation involving government contractors. Her knowledge of the procurement process and sensitivity to the relationships between government agencies and their subcontractors has enabled her to better assess the broader needs for the clients in relation to the pending litigation.