Kimberly Viergever Of Counsel




Kimberly Viergever relies on her extensive background in risk management and litigation in her practice, which concentrates on personal injury, product liability and premises liability in addition to motor vehicle accidents. She also has experience in recreational law and has represented clients through pro hac vice admissions in Michigan, Texas and Washington, D.C. Kimberly handles matters at all stages from pre-litigation to appeals. 

In 1992, Kimberly parlayed her personal background as a ski racer and competitive tennis player into a practice representing ski resorts and corporations nationwide. Additionally, she has represented white water rafting outfitters, climbing outfitters, water sports manufacturers, sports shops and other product manufacturers. Kimberly has handled personal injury, wrongful death and civil cases for national insurance brokers and carrier programs. 

In 2004, on behalf of the Colorado ski industry and in conjunction with their local and national trade organizations, Kimberly assisted in drafting revisions to the Colorado Ski Safety Act. She has consulted on risk management matters including crisis management and emergency response. Kimberly taught, advised and worked with corporate risk and safety managers relative to handling claims, policies, procedures, signage, warnings and operations. She has drafted media releases and coordinated efforts for accident investigations with the United States Forest Service, the National Park Service and governmental regulatory bodies.

Representative Matters

Cooper v. United States Ski Assoc., 32 P.3d 502 (Colo. App. 2000)

Stamp v. Vail Corp., 172 P.3d 437 (Colo. 2007), limiting recovery for wrongful death actions in ski-related cases to $250,000.

Redden v. Clear Creek Skiing Corp., enforcing the language on the back of a lift ticket as a valid exculpatory release.