Kristi Buchholz Helfrick Of Counsel




Kristi Buchholz Helfrick engages in a diverse civil litigation practice before the state and federal courts of Pennsylvania. She has defended personal injury cases arising from premises, product and trucking/automobile liability as well as employment matters and professional and medical malpractice claims. Since 2004, Kristi has handled more than 20 arbitrations filed in the Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas Arbitration Program.

Throughout the litigation process, Kristi is responsive to clients’ needs and develops good relationships with clients and counsel. From 2007 to 2013, she served as a Hearing Committee Member for the Disciplinary Board of the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania. In the past, Kristi has dedicated time to pro bono work for Philadelphia VIP (Volunteers for the Indigent Program).

Areas of Focus

General Liability and Premises Liability
Kristi has extensive experience in general and premises liability cases, representing apartment complexes, various restaurant chains, shopping malls, condominium associations and residential owners. She has handled premises security claims arising from sexual assault and similar incidents. Kristi has represented demolition and crane companies in property damage claims and defended numerous motor vehicle cases with serious injuries, including incidents involving pedestrians and motorcycle accidents. Kristi served as second chair during a jury trial in the Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas that involved the representation of a demolition company against property damage claims.

Professional Liability / Employment Discrimination
Kristi has defended engineers and architects in construction defect cases arising from residential and commercial developments. Her experience includes representing insurance brokers and agents in insurance malpractice actions. She also has handled employment discrimination cases involving claims of sexual harassment. Kristi has additional experience in defending professional liability matters such as claims against nurses, doctors, optometrists, pharmacists and dentists.

Products Liability
Kristi has experience handling products liability claims based on negligence, strict liability and breach of warranty in the areas of design, manufacture and warnings. She has defended manufacturers and distributors of a variety of consumer products and industrial products in fire and property damage cases. Products include, but are not limited to, toasters, irons, microwaves, computers, cosmetic face cream, massage table, wheel bearings, products containing beryllium metal and tungsten carbide cutting tools.