Marshal S. Endick Senior Counsel




Marshal Endick’s legal practice centers on his more than 40 years of experience defending medical malpractice and related general liability claims.

Throughout his career, Marshal has represented hospitals, physicians, dentists and other health care professionals and providers involved in the full range of medical specialties. He currently leads a team of New York attorneys, a number of whom have worked in the medical profession, in the representation of several hospitals, medical malpractice insurers and self-insured health care clients of the firm. Marshal works in partnership with his clients to keep them engaged and informed throughout the litigation process. By drawing on his vast experience in medical malpractice claims, tapping into the dual legal and medical resources of his team, and accessing experts in a variety of specialty areas, Marshal provides the best possible defense for his clients.

As a measure of Marshal’s experience and reputation in his field, he was certified by the Supreme Court of the State of New York as a medical malpractice panelist and served in that capacity while the panel system was in effect. Prior to joining the firm in 1974, Marshal worked as in-house counsel at Hartford Insurance Company, where he focused on medical malpractice and general liability claims, and at Professional Insurance Company of New York, where he focused on medical malpractice claims.

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