Michelle Mansbach-Dubin Of Counsel




Michelle Mansbach-Dubin is the attorney clients want by their side when faced with complex, high-exposure medical malpractice claims. She represents major metropolitan hospitals and their affiliated physicians and other health care professionals in the defense of cases involving a broad range of medical and surgical disciplines, and has an impressive record of succeeding in her summary judgement motions. 

A highly motivated and versatile professional with more than 30 years of experience in a myriad of challenging positions, Michelle possesses strong interpersonal skills and a superior ability to multi-task without missing a beat. She is a skilled collaborator and negotiator who can think outside the box to accomplish goals. 

Michelle’s varied background sets the stage for her accomplished legal practice. She was a nurse for many years, working in cardiac units, a burn unit and medical intensive care settings. Michelle also collaborated on the defense of criminal cases involving medical issues. She uses her unique legal and nursing knowledge to ascertain the viability of potential medical malpractice actions, and her hard-won insights to present the facts in a way juries can understand. 

Of particular note is Michelle’s career as a claims examiner for the Medical Malpractice Insurance Association in New York City for four years. In that role, she directed and monitored attorneys in the defense of insured doctors and hospitals involved in medical malpractice actions in high-exposure cases. 

In addition, Michelle handled Special Education Advocacy claims on behalf of parents of challenged students as part of her own practice. She also served as a transition coordinator providing legal support and advocacy to families of disabled and autistic children during the transition from the Early Intervention system to school districts. She negotiated appropriate educational services and legally and educationally sound Individual Education Plans.