Mitchell A. Nathanson Partner




Mitchell A. Nathanson is considered the go-to lawyer for enforcing judgments against debtors in New York State. Formerly of The Nathanson Law Firm LLP, Mitchell combines a small-firm personal approach with the power and resources of a national firm. Mitchell’s clients are a diverse and eclectic group, consisting of members of medical practices, banks and lending institutions, private schools, and commercial creditors in both retail debt collections and consumer credit transactions. He receives referrals from attorneys throughout the country on behalf of their commercial clients, assisting in collecting debts to satisfaction or settlement, via execution when necessary.

Mitchell is active in community affairs and is known by local politicians both as a lay leader and in a professional capacity. He is deeply involved in pro bono work, with the Nassau County Bar Association Mortgage Foreclosure Clinic, where he advises homeowners facing foreclosure of their options and provides strategies for prioritizing debt. Mitchell also works with the Eliezer Project, advising members of the Jewish community in Nassau County who have financial difficulties in foreclosure defense, debt settlement, defense litigation and asset protection.

Areas of Focus

Debt Collection
Mitchell often is retained to sue debtors who may have assets in New York and to domesticate sister-state judgments pursuant to the full faith and credit clause of the United States Constitution, as well as for general judgment enforcement proceedings, foreign and domestic. His determination and perseverance combined with personal attention to detail are evident throughout the judgment enforcement process, leaving no stone unturned when searching for assets.

Clients local to the Garden City office from Nassau County and Suffolk County seek Mitchell's guidance to evict tenants and to defend against eviction in nonpayment and holdover proceedings, where he serves as counsel for landlords and tenants at the district courthouse. Each lease negotiation on behalf of commercial and residential landlords and tenants is undertaken with the clients’ specific needs in consideration.

Real Estate Transactions
Mitchell is highly regarded for his drafting and negotiating skills, and thorough attention to clients, representing either purchasers or sellers in residential real estate transactions. From transactional real estate to title issues and the litigation that can arise from the ownership and management of real property, Mitchell can assist the members of Wilson Elser’s Real Estate team to provide any and all related services – at fees frequently more competitive than those charged by less-experienced attorneys.