Ross Holiday Jones Partner




Ross Holiday Jones focuses his litigation practice on transportation and auto accident cases, premises liability claims, and oil and gas litigation claims. He has handled personal injury and property damage claims, well blowout cases, environmental contamination, and first-party property defense work, most recently related to losses sustained by Texas policyholders in hurricanes over the past decade.

Ross has represented insurers and their insureds over his nearly 25 years in practice. He has tried and arbitrated cases in state and federal courts in Texas for policyholders in personal lines, commercial lines, errors and omissions, and first-party claims. Ross also has numerous appellate cases to his credit, including three cases of first impression with opinions favorable to insurers and insureds on issues of waiver and coverage. Ross has handled and tried cases in state and federal court throughout Texas and has experience trying cases in many different venues, from the Rio Grande Valley to central, eastern and southeastern Texas.

Areas of Focus

In recent years, much of Ross’s work has been focused on oil and gas litigation, including personal injury and property damage cases, well blowout losses, environmental contamination and pipeline rupture and failure cases. Ross has represented landowners, vessel owners, operators, drilling contractors, service companies and quality control inspectors in cases throughout southeastern Texas.

Ross has represented drivers and transportation companies in personal injury and property damage litigation for most of his 20-year career. His cases have ranged from small property damage claims to catastrophic 18-wheeler collisions and fatality cases. He also handles first-party claims against carriers for uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage claims.

Ross has handled numerous premises liability and construction liability cases during his career, including claims for premises defects, negligent activity cases and failure to warn claims. Representative clients include road construction companies, asphalt companies, construction groups and independent contractors, such as electricians, plumbers and scaffold companies. Ross also has represented clients in professional liability matters, including design professionals and engineers.

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