Samuel C. Tarasowsky Associate




Samuel Tarasowsky is a New York general liability and casualty litigation attorney. Sam has extensive experience handling and successfully resolving cases involving premises liability, general liability, motor vehicle accidents and labor law claims. Throughout the course of his career, Sam has represented some of the nation’s largest insurance carriers as well as various New York City authorities and municipalities. Using a collaborative, client-focused approach to tailor individualized litigation strategies, Sam ensures each case is thoroughly evaluated and efficiently resolved. 

Sam gained recognition for his ingenuity after winning first place in the Center for Urban Business Entrepreneurship (CUBE) Innovators Competition. Sam’s team submitted a proposal for Legal Capture, a mobile application that would empower citizens to snap a photo of a document (such as a parking ticket) and quickly determine legal or procedural flaws that may serve as grounds for objection. 

As a member of the Brooklyn Law School Disability and Civil Rights Clinic, Sam provided direct legal services for low-income adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities to protect individual rights and enhance access to services. His work with this clinic led to a beneficial resolution reinstating health benefits for the client.