Shadonna E. Hale Of Counsel




Shadonna Hale focuses her practice on defending medical malpractice, professional licensing, transportation, toxic tort and professional liability matters. She has extensive experience in the health care field.

Shadonna began her career in health care as a registered nurse in the largest hospital in the Washington, DC area. She later was promoted to a nursing supervisor position, covering every clinical area, and served as the in-house administrator for all departments. While obtaining advanced degrees, she worked through temporary nursing agencies at several DC, Baltimore and suburban hospitals. As an attorney, Shadonna has defended clients at two major law firms. She also has worked as claims litigation counsel for a major health care system.

Shadonna’s medical background and legal experiences enable her to present scientific concepts in a way that advances litigation objectives rather than obscures them.  They also prove advantageous in her assessment of causation and damages in personal injury cases.

Areas of Focus

Medical Malpractice & Health Care
Shadonna is familiar with the substance and nuances of most medical fields.  She has represented physicians, dentists, nurses, paramedics, podiatrists, counselors, social workers and other members of the allied health professions as well as hospitals, nursing homes and managed care organizations.  Shadonna is active in a variety of health care associations.

Shadonna frequently defends clients involved in trucking accidents in Maryland, Washington, D.C. and West Virginia.  She is also a member of Wilson Elser’s “24/7” emergency response team.

Toxic Tort
Shadonna is familiar with both medical and liability issues associated with lead paint. She has represented defendants in Washington, DC and Baltimore in lead paint cases for more than two decades.

Representative Matters

Has settled or otherwise resolved many high exposure transportation cases for local, national and international transportation companies.

Prevailed in a case before the Board of Nurses in Baltimore in which a licensed practical nurse was accused of abandonment by her employer, an offense punishable with the revocation of a nursing license.

Represented numerous obstetricians in birth injury cases, physicians in failure to detect cancer cases and orthopedic surgeons in malpractice matters.

Obtained a defense verdict in a case in which the gynecologist perforated the plaintiff’s uterus during an abortion.

Obtained a defense verdict for a nephrologist in a case in which the plaintiff suffered hearing loss as a result of the administration of antibiotics.

Obtained a defense verdict for an otolaryngologist in a case in which the plaintiff had 34 subsequent sinus surgeries, allegedly as a result of the sinus surgery performed by the client.

Has obtained many defense verdicts in medical and dental malpractice cases, summary judgments and dismissals in numerous lead paint cases, and favorable settlements in a variety of litigation matters.

Represented health care providers before licensing boards and other administrative bodies.

Obtained a defense verdict in a recent trial in a negotiated instrument case, additionally including award of attorneys’ fees.