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Susan Karlovich has extensive experience in federal, state and administrative trial and appellate courts, with emphasis on toxic torts, employment and immigration law as well as liability defense of attorneys and medical professionals, appellate advocacy and environmental litigation. Susan is active in the American Immigration Lawyers Association, a voluntary organization of more than 11,500 attorneys and law professors who practice and teach immigration law.

True talent is rarely limited to one endeavor, and Susan’s ten years as a professional dancer performing in theaters around the world gave her the discipline and focus to practice law with similar grace and power. Susan still enjoys dancing, and performs in a biannual fundraiser sponsored by the New Jersey Law Journal to provide free legal services for New Jersey artists.

Areas of Focus

Immigration Law
In the field of immigration law, Susan assists corporations seeking to hire foreign professionals or skilled workers or to transfer personnel to company branches in the United States. She also consults with U.S. employers on E-Verify and other I-9 immigration compliance matters. She is a trusted adviser and a major asset to her clients, including a large international automobile manufacturer and a national outpatient rehabilitation company for which she obtains visas, green cards and naturalization for physical therapists, athletic trainers and business personnel.

Professional Liability
Susan represents a wide assortment of professionals, including environmental engineers in toxic cleanup matters, doctors and other medical personnel before their respective licensing boards, and lawyers in a variety of negligence claims.

Appellate Advocacy
As an appellate clerk, Susan learned what is most important to judges who hear appeals. Her “killer briefs,” crafted with creative arguments and forceful logic, are no laughing matter to her opponents. Susan turns over every stone in a case to craft the most effective arguments that will win on appeal and create favorable law that will govern future cases.

Toxic Tort, Environmental & Energy
Susan has long represented the petrochemical industry in toxic tort cases and presently represents several manufacturers of gaskets, packing and joint compound in asbestos litigation in New Jersey and New York.

Premises Liability
Susan has handled premises liability cases for the past 18 years, defending landlords and business owners alike. She has represented dozens of marinas, as well as a major Florida amusement park.

Employment Law
Susan has defended companies against alleged employment discrimination, wrongful discharge and sexual harassment claims under federal and state law, Title VII, the ADA and the NJ Law Against Discrimination.

Representative Matters

Representing a lawyer in a fraud action related to a $9 million environmental cleanup, obtained summary judgment on the eve of trial, sparing the client the risk of a verdict and the cost of a two-month trial.

Representing a contractor retained to perform an environmental cleanup in a suit brought by a guest who impaled his leg on farm equipment, obtained a directed verdict at trial, which was thereafter upheld on appeal.

In a failure to warn case involving three plaintiffs severely burned by an explosion at a boat manufacturing plant related to their use of the highly flammable acetone, obtained summary judgment by establishing that clients’ warnings were the “gold standard” for acetone warnings in the industry.

Defending a toll collector’s claim of being blinded by a chemical during the installation of EasyPass, retained an investigator who videotaped the plaintiff driving 75 miles down the Parkway, which resulted in her attorney withdrawing as counsel and led to the ultimate dismissal of the case.

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