Tori S. Levine Of Counsel




Tori Levine is a trial attorney with significant experience representing a broad range of clients in diverse industries, including manufacturers, suppliers, retailers, distributors, contractors and professional service providers. In all types of litigation, whether its product liability, mass tort, commercial litigation, e-discovery or privacy, Tori understands that in today’s complex environment every client is faced with multiple challenges. To mitigate adverse effects, she assists in developing strategies to avoid litigation altogether or end it following investigation, all the while preparing for trial. In addition to maintaining an active practice in Texas and Oklahoma, Tori serves as national counsel in litigation, pre-suit investigations, and class actions and multidistrict litigation. She uses her broad understanding of the practical needs of business clients to manage the ramifications of peripheral issues while preserving the bottom line.

As national counsel, Tori coordinates strategic defenses for clients and works closely with in-house legal departments, selecting and developing experts and corporate witnesses to execute efficient, comprehensive strategies before and during trial. She has served clients in a variety of essential roles, including developing scientific defenses and corporate witnesses or even serving as a media spokesperson. Having represented manufacturers and distributors based in the United States, Mexico and Asia, Tori has a firm grasp of the needs of a wide variety of clients.

Recognizing the impact of technology on the law and on her clients’ business operations, Tori is well versed in forensic examination and e-discovery as well as the coordination needed for national clients. She brings a solid understanding of the technical aspects of e-discovery that are valuable to her clients not only in bridging the communication gap between their legal and information technology staffs but also in deposing and cross-examining technical witnesses.


Areas of Focus

Product Liability
In her product liability practice, Tori represents manufacturers, suppliers and distributors of a wide variety of products, component parts and raw materials, achieving successes at trial on a national level. She has defended a range of products from consumer goods (power tools, helmets, pressure washers, appliances, consumer electronics, and component parts) to drugs and medical devices. Tori has investigated and successfully defended numerous claims and lawsuits in which it was alleged that products were responsible for causing fires that resulted in property damage, personal injuries or death.

Tori actively represents the vaping, e-cig and cannabis industries nationally on a variety of business and legal matters, including litigation claims involving lithium-ion batteries, e-liquids and vaping devices. Tori’s experience includes a broad range of clients from manufacturers and wholesalers to small retail stores and clients who only conduct business via the internet. This diversity enables her to understand the unique issues faced by this industry in a rapidly changing environment.

Professional Liability / Agents & Brokers E&O
In the professional liability area, Tori has defended clients in trials and appeals. Working with the firm’s Specialty Professional Risks practice, she represents insurance brokers and agents, as well as other types of insurance professionals such as MGAs, TPAs, program administrators and loss control/risk management consultants, in the defense of errors and omissions claims.

Commercial Litigation
Representation of her clients in all of their business litigation disputes provides Tori with a solid grounding in commercial litigation in state and federal courts, giving her an edge in dealing with breaches of noncompetition agreements, patent infringement, theft of trade secrets, commercial contracts disputes, deceptive trade practices, commercial equipment sales, premises liability, commercial property damage and more. Her comfort level in the corporate environment and knowledge of business help her to communicate the nuances of law to her clients while representing them aggressively in any venue or forum. Tori has worked with a diverse mix of clients, including brokerage firms, retailers, manufacturers, insurance agencies, financial institutions, surety companies, contractors, insurance companies and property developers.

Toxic Tort/Asbestos
Tori has dealt with toxic tort cases involving asbestos, mold, radiation, pesticides, and other chemicals and substances. She is experienced in the development, presentation and cross-examination of scientific experts for asbestos defendants and others. Tori’s experience includes handling matters that involve medical products, personal injury and wrongful death defenses. She has served as coordinating counsel for a major clients in asbestos litigation involving contractor claims and premises liability claims.

Tori has handled a range of construction-related legal matters, from dispute resolution to litigation, additional insured coverage, contractual indemnity and foreclosure of liens. Her clients include contractors, subcontractors and developers in construction liability and defect cases. Tori also has handled environmental exposure cases involving asbestos, mold and construction-related toxic releases.