Yesenia Lara Of Counsel




Yesenia Lara represents leading insurance carriers on various matters involving complex torts, negligent security, premises liability, commercial litigation and personal injury. She is experienced in all aspects of these matters, including pre-suit handling, litigation and appeals. Yesenia crafts a resolution plan designed to determine likely exposure, identify resolution options and ultimately conclude in outcomes that adhere to prescribed guidelines. She is aware that clients prefer quick and cost-effective solutions to complex and potentially protracted liability cases, and does her best to accelerate turnaround through procedural dismissals, substantive dismissals, successful tenders and negotiated settlements. 

A native Floridian raised and educated in the state, Yesenia is fluent in Spanish and familiar with Florida’s legal community and state laws and regulations. Yesenia also served as senior outside counsel for the Miccosukee Indian Tribe for several years and assisted with a myriad of tribal matters. 

In addition to her legal experience, Yesenia has served on the Community Zoning Appeals Board for Area/Subarea 14-142 in Miami-Dade County. She also sat on the Miami-Dade County Urban Expansion Area Task Force from May 2017 through May 2018.