Yoora Pak Partner




Yoora Pak has extensive experience handling complex employment-related litigation matters. In addition to her litigation practice, Yoora provides counseling to human resources staff and in-house counsel of diverse companies on various employment matters. Prior to her private practice, Yoora worked at the U.S. Department of Labor as a trial and appellate attorney, where she handled matters arising under the various statutes enforced by the DOL.

Yoora also has extensive experience with fair housing litigation and counseling matters. She has property owners, managers, and boards of association in agency investigations and lawsuits asserting claims of discrimination under local, state and federal fair housing laws. Yoora also counsels clients on fair housing issues, such as FHEO training, disability assessments and compliance reviews.

Yoora has a very genuine and effective way of establishing rapport with her clients and colleagues. Her openness and ability to grasp nuances help her move quickly from discovery to strategy in even the largest and most complex matters.

Areas of Focus

Yoora has experience with employment discrimination claims, class actions, Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) collective and individual actions, agency investigations and other employment-related claims. She has also handled matters pertaining to railroad employee benefits and other labor issues.

Yoora has prepared and tried arbitration cases under collective bargaining agreements, counseled employers during labor disputes, prepared for and assisted employers during negotiations for the renewal of a nationwide umbrella collective bargaining agreement that also encompassed regional collective bargaining agreements, represented employers in proceedings before NLRB administrative law judges (including unfair labor practice and representation cases), assisted and counseled employers during organizational campaigns and elections, counseled employers during decertification elections, and counseled employers on issues or concerns arising from collective bargaining agreements (including elimination of bargaining unit positions).

Yoora represents colleges and universities on employment and student-related litigation matters, including Office of Civil Rights (OCR) investigations and faculty matters. In addition, Yoora represents property management companies and property owners with respect to discrimination claims brought by tenants under the Fair Housing Act and state statutes, including claims alleging race, sex, color, religious, source of income and disability discrimination.

In addition to her litigation practice, Yoora counsels employers on employment-related issues and policies, including equal employment opportunity (EEO), the Office of Federal Contract Compliance programs (OFCCP) and Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliance; employee handbooks and policies; EEO training; workplace investigations; and terminations/separations.

International Civil Litigation
Yoora has defended global corporations in foreign civil matters as well as U.S. corporations in domestic litigation based on events occurring abroad, with an extensive motions practice based on subject-matter jurisdiction issues, insufficiency of service based on failure to comply with Hague Convention requirements for service abroad, the exclusivity of the Defense Base Act, the political question doctrine, the government contractor defense, forum non conveniens and other jurisdictional issues.

Yoora has represented municipal entities in various litigation matters involving Comprehensive Plan changes; zoning, water and sewer issues; and personnel issues.

Representative Matters

Obtained summary judgment in EEOC class action litigation alleging national origin discrimination.

Obtained transfer of venue under Title VII from Maryland to Virginia for a large construction company.

Obtained dismissals of charges of discrimination pending before federal, state and local agencies alleging race, age, disability, religion, national origin, sex, personal appearance and/or source of income discrimination claims.

Prevailed in constitutional and state law challenges to promotional and pay policies in public employment.

Prevailed in actions arising out of the deaths and/or disabilities of employees working in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Successfully opposed temporary restraining orders under the ADA’s “direct threat” exception.

Successfully opposed temporary restraining order and request for other injunctive relief in public employment termination case.

Successfully handled injunctive actions (temporary restraining order, preliminary and permanent injunctions) seeking to enforce non-competition/trade secret/no-raid clauses in employment agreements.

Represent educational institutions against claims involving tenured faculty, staff and students under various statutes and common law.

Represent government entity in developers’ challenges to zoning and planning decisions.

Prevailed in discrimination complaints arising under the Fair Housing Act and state fair housing statutes.

Successfully represented government contractors in OFCCP compliance audit.

General defense litigation of cases involving claims of breach of contract (including separation agreement and non-disparagement provisions), defamation, eminent domain and constitutional law claims.