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Professional Development

Wilson Elser takes great pride in the quality of our legal work. By combining hands-on experience with sound formal training, we help ensure that our attorneys continually expand and refine their skills and are at the leading edge of their chosen practice areas. Our firm-generated and -sponsored programs are designed to educate and enlighten attorneys at all levels.

Supervised and guided by our Attorney Education & Development Committee, we offer:

  • Continuing Legal Education (CLE). With a robust technological backbone that allows web-based participation, multiple CLE courses are routinely conducted and in most instances are available on-line to our attorneys 24/7. Among the first law firms to be certified as a CLE provider, Wilson Elser places a high premium on keeping our attorneys current on changes in the law, helping to ensure their continued professional growth, and providing them with opportunities to satisfy their required CLE credits whenever and wherever they choose.
  • National Attorney Training (NAT). A proprietary program, NAT is designed to teach our associates such fundamentals as advanced legal writing, critical thinking, legal analysis, business acumen and trial skills development.
  • Peer Mentoring. Designed to increase our associates’ legal skills and facilitate their integration into the firm, strong mentoring relationships help to form the foundation of professional development at Wilson Elser. Our Peer Mentoring program ensures that associates receive effective coaching and feedback to help them understand and make the best use of the firm’s resources.

Our formal professional development programs are complemented by Wilson Elser’s “team” model. Working across disciplines and jurisdictions, our attorneys have access to the vast experience resident throughout the firm. This has the dual advantage of advancing our clients’ legal objectives while adding to our attorneys’ breadth of knowledge and effectiveness.