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E-Cigarette Class Actions Could Be on Fire Someday


May 13, 2015

Author: H. Michael O'Brien

Michael O'BrienH. Michael O’Brien (Partner-White Plains) reports on a fast-growing new industry in “E-Cigarette Class Actions Could Be on Fire Someday,” featured in the Expert Analysis section of the May 13, 2015, issue of Law360. E-cigarettes have developed a significant place in the U.S. market in a relatively short period of time, but there are legitimate health and regulatory concerns that need to be addressed in the near term, especially as they apply to children and teens. “Looking ahead, the challenge facing the e-cigarette industry and its trade groups will likely be threefold,” according to Michael, “working toward addressing many of the concerns that have been identified, promoting the development of product safety standards, and taking steps to help identify and police the bad actors operating on the fringes of the marketplace.

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