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Federal Judges Are Tired of 'Stock' Discovery Objections

Law360 | Expert Analysis

May 3, 2017

Authors: David M. Goldhaber, David M. Ross

David Goldhaber (Partner-Chicago) and David Ross (Partner-Washington, DC) co-authored “Federal Judges Are Tired of 'Stock' Discovery Objections” in the Expert Analysis column of the May 3, 2017, issue of Law360. The partners offered “Stop, Drop and Roll” as a best practice for litigators: Stop responding to discovery requests through a habitual recitation of boilerplate objections without adding the required specificity. Drop these objections from your cadre of stock “copy and paste” responses and focus on crafting specifically tailored objections and responses based on the facts of your case. Roll your boilerplate objections straight into the wastebasket, with a vow never to resurrect them again!

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