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Diversity Makes a Difference in This Profession

Nevada Lawyer Diversity Issue

October 2017

Author: Karen L. Bashor

Karen Bashor (Of Counsel-Las Vegas) is the featured author of the lead article, “Diversity Makes a Difference in This Profession,” in the October 2017 Diversity Issue of Nevada Lawyer. Opening with statistics on how women lawyers fare in the workplace, she tells the story from her own perspective − from immigrant child to of counsel in a national law firm, and the various obstacles that women and minorities in particular must face in the profession. Karen discusses the importance of diverse perspectives generally in the practice of litigation, “[w]hether we’re meeting with a client to gain their trust and confidence, negotiating a settlement with opposing counsel, or presenting our case to a judge or jury, we’re dealing with people. Diversity makes a difference. It’s not about optics: it’s about results.” Karen shares her family’s personal story of overcoming adversity, and explains how it has helped her gain the trust and confidence of clients from different walks of life, whether physicians, truckers, indigent individuals or Fortune 500 companies, demonstrating the benefit of counsel having diverse backgrounds and experience.  Karen also discusses the challenges faced at law firms as a wife and mother through her career, trying to achieve work-life balance and success. As an experienced and successful trial lawyer, Karen further discusses the challenges women still face in the courtroom.  

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