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Weed at Work: Is Cannabis Covered Under State Benefit Programs?


February 14, 2019

Authors: Dean A. Rocco, Noelle K. Sheehan

Dean Rocco (Partner-Los Angeles) and Noelle Sheehan (Of Counsel-Orlando) collaborated on an article titled “Weed at Work: Is Cannabis Covered Under State Benefit Programs?” in the February 14, 2019, issue of SHRM News. The third in a three-part series on cannabis laws and court opinions, this article focuses on how marijuana is treated under state workers' compensation and benefit programs. The first part reviews different rulings on federal preemption of state marijuana laws, and the second discusses workplace accommodations for medical marijuana use. 

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Part 1: Weed at Work: Is All Cannabis Illegal?

Part 2: Weed at Work: Must Employers Accommodate Medical Use?

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