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Bloomberg Law Publishes Stewart and Dopson on CBD Enforcement by FDA and State Agencies: “States Starting to Enforce Bans on CBD in Foods, Supplements”

Bloomberg Law, Insight: FDA

February 28, 2019

Authors: Genese K. Dopson, Ian A. Stewart

Ian Stewart (Partner-Los Angeles) and Genese Dopson (Partner-San Francisco) collaborated on an article in the February 28, 2019, edition of Bloomberg Law, titled “States Starting to Enforce Bans on CBD in Foods, Supplements.” The article discusses the 2018 Farm Bill’s exemption of hemp-derived cannabidiol from the Controlled Substances Act and the fact that the FDA has said the agency can still regulate it, leaving uncertainty with how it will do so. Ian and Genese discuss issues of federal and state enforcement and what to expect in the future.

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