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U.S. Supreme Court Provides Clear Guidance for Copyright Litigants

DRI: The Voice

May 2, 2019

Authors: Jana S. Farmer, Kara Thorvaldsen

Kara Thorvaldsen (Partner-Boston) and Jana S. Farmer (Partner-White Plains) wrote “U.S. Supreme Court Provides Clear Guidance for Copyright Litigants,” which appeared as the feature article in DRI’s The Voice on May 1, 2019. Kara and Jana provide an analysis of the March 2019 U.S. Supreme Court decisions in two copyright cases, both of which concern narrow issues of statutory interpretation and are examples of matters that the Court addresses to ensure uniformity in the decisions of the lower courts. In both cases, the Supreme Court stuck closely to the plain language of the relevant statute, possibly providing insight about how this Court may rule in similar matters. “Overall,” said Jana, “the results of both cases should provide practitioners a greater degree of certainty in how copyright infringement matters will be resolved going forward.” 

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